Friday, June 17, 2011

Bassmaster Elite Dixie Duel Wheeler Lake day 1 and 2 recap

What's going on!?
By Luigi De Rose

Sorry for the delay but here is a photo essay on the Wheeler Lake Tournament. Wheeler Lake is the last official stop on the 2011 Bassmaster Tour Season. Many anglers are killing themselves to finish high enough in the points to qualify for the Classic. Others have no chance and are just trying to cut a good cheque. Also, there is the very important Angler of the Year (AOY) race in full swing.

So, lets try and figure out what is going on. Wheeler is a TVA lake in Alabama and has current flow created by electrical power generation. Bass mood is effected and affected by the current. The weather is hot and bass should be in a summer time pattern but don't count on it; it has been a weak spring.

Many expect the cranking anglers to win and they might. Summer means off-shore cranking, big worms, a few jigs and even a spoon tossed in. This means KVD should be at the top of the standings but he isn't in the Top 5 but who cares when it seems that he'll win another AOY.

Thursday, which was Day 1 saw Ott DeFoe take the lead and on Friday, David Walker is sitting atop the leader board. Both are considered new to BASS but both are very seasoned anglers with a lot of talent. Each one wants to fish the Classic and it looks like they will finish well.  

This photo essay is courtesy of BASS photographers: Rob Russow, Seigo Saito, James Overstreet and Darrel Jacobson
Tim Horton and Kevn Wirth are sharing an off-shore spot. Sharing is the key work.

Horton battles a good one as Russ Lane watches.

Kevin Van Dam (KVD) is a crankbait king but as he is battling this fish his shallow diver sits idle.

Holy Cow is that a worm or a snake tied to KVD's line.  Big worms are very good when the water turns hot.
Greg Hackey who is having a terrible year is in second place on Day 2. No sure how much of his catches came from flipping trees.
Morizo Shimizu hits the shallow on day 2 but finished last due to a horrible day1.
Arron Martens was into them up shallow and he is always in tune with the fish.

But,  David Walker who is leading after two days has been consistently nailing the big ones away from shore.

Is that Skeet? Yeah, it is Skeet Reese and thank God he is finally doing well.

Working the deeper water, Skeet is now in 3rd place with 33-02 pounds.

Well there is a bit of a summary of what is happening on Wheeler Lake. A lot is on the line and for many it is there last chance to make it to the Bass Master Classic.

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