Sunday, June 5, 2011


Sight “Seen” Beneath the Surface
New Translucent Red and Chartreuse InvisaSwivels debuts at EFFTEX

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 

Ask most anglers about those line-to-line connectors loosely called ‘swivels,’ and the replies are often dubious at best: They’re meant to minimize line twist, but they don’t always succeed. They work against, rather than with, the rest of the rig standing out like an eyesore on your line, and sinking rather than hovering neutrally in the water. Old-school metal swivels are obtrusive, corrosive and eventually, they break.

Forget all that everything you know about fishing swivels has changed, and the evolution continues...

Last year, the terminal tackle geniuses at Aquateko unveiled the InvisaSwivel to rave and award-winning reviews. For 2011-12, beyond the original, water-matching Clear version, the InvisaSwivel now sports two new translucent colors: Bloody Red and Nuclear Chartreuse.

Rather than hammered out and bent into shape, the InvisaSwivel has been engineered using an advanced fluorocarbon material called “Fluoro-Clear.” InvisaSwivel blends seamlessly with the fishing lines it unites, as well as vanishing within the underwater environment itself. Ponder next, a flexible, neutrally buoyant, and totally non-corrosive component and you begin to appreciate the magic of this stealthy little swivel. The first time you see one, you’re captivated. When you examine one “hands-on,” you’re amazed how it rotates with liquid-smooth ease. InvisaSwivel bends, even folds; it actually flexes a full 180-degrees in your fingers, before quickly popping back to arrow-straight, and with zero adverse affects to the semi-soft material.

Why then turn what’s touted to vanish under the surface into something purposely visible? The reasons are manifold, beginning simply with demand. Anglers were asking for colored versions, but not at the risk of losing InvisaSwivel’s other core competencies. The new Bloody Red and Nuclear Chartreuse versions are as functional as the original, but now out of hiding and strutting vividly.

To a predator fish, red means injury and a meal on gimp wheels. That’s why so many jigs, rigs, and crankbaits feature red hooks. Live bait riggers, the build-it-yourself crowd, often color match entire systems to consistently maintain that blood red theme. The new Bloody Red InvisaSwivel teams ideally with red leader line and a red hook. Factor in a red spinner and beads, and you have the bloodiest looking livebait delivery system imaginable.

Chartreuse is a powerful fish attracting color. Its potency lies in the fact that chartreuse is one of the most visible colors underwater. So imagine a chartreuse jig with a yellowish leader line capped off with a Nuclear Chartreuse InvisaSwivel. That’s an entire circuit board of eye-candy. And at the moment of truth, that fish is going to strike the juicier jig, be it paired with a live minnow or soft plastic.

Hall of Fame guide and rigging and jigging expert Tom Neustrom concurs. “Already, I had replaced all of my traditional metal swivels with InvisaSwivels. Now, I have options for total systems color matching. My mind is swirling with applications, especially when it comes to livebait spinners and rigs. Bloody Red will make spinners that much more alluring to fish, adding a blood-like trail in the water. I’ll use Nuclear Chartreuse for its sheer ability to?command attention. Chartreuse is my top producing color in jigs and spinners, so it only stands to reason that the Nuclear Chartreuse InvisaSwivel will make my presentations that much more effective."


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