Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Party, Alabama Rig, Jika Rig and HAVOC

Its been a super busy week. I cannot believe I have not had time to write. Last weekend, I attended the annual Ontario Chinese Anglers Association Christmas dinner. This is one of the best fishing clubs I have ever known. They do everything well. Everything from holding tournaments, seminars with great guest speakers, conservation, influence fishery policies, etc, etc. As a whole, they have improved fishing and fishing values not only for the Chinese community in Markham and Toronto but for the whole province.

This dinner has now turned into a who's-who of big shots in the community. In the past and again on last Saturday, members from the provincial and municipal governments plus key members of fishing industry and celebrities. It really is a fun time and to chat with everyone off the water and after the season helps take the sting out of the cold weather.

So what is new? A lot!

The Alabama Rig
The Alabama Rig is hot. Chatting with a few company owners at the dinner, it seems that by the new year, 4 different versions of the Alabama rig will be on the market just from the Toronto (southern Ontario) area alone. My last count was three but now I was told another is being made. This should allow for a lot of choice. I was told I'll have a sample within weeks. So stay tuned. It looks like you'll have an inclusive look at a few in the next 60 days for sure.

Chatting with a friend (no name can be given), it seems that the 2012 Bassmaster Classic will be the launching pad for several new HAVOC baits. I wasn't able to tease too much information but more soft plastic baits are coming. I've made plans to do a few product videos at the Toronto Sportsman Show in March.

Jika Rig
A funny story. I get an email from Ontario OUT OF DOORS Magazine's head office to call Owner Hooks in California. (I've been with Ontario OUT OF DOORS Magazine for over 15 years and am their bass editor.) So, I call and talk to their head guy. The story goes like this, he was at the KTL show just outside of Toronto a few weeks ago. KTL Canada is a large company which is a fishing and hunting supplier to smaller retailers. The mom and pop stores go to KTL and make their orders for the year. So, Owner is there trying to lure buyers to their booth to promote the Jika rig. Their version is called the Jig Rig. Well, everyone was making big orders. The people of Owner were dumbfounded by the demand and started asking questions. My article in Ontario OUT OF DOORS plus the video has been very well received and anglers want them. So, Owner wanted to connect with me and thank me for making their rig a success. We have chatted before at ICAST and on the phone but it's nice to see their reaction to the strong responds to my articles and videos. So thank you for taking the time to read these blogs and my magazine articles. I'll have a few photos of Owner's jig rig plus some new soft plastic baits for 2012 coming soon.

That's not it but I've ran out of time. Expect a few press release in the future and more glimpses of new stuff coming to a store near you.

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