Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Alabama Rig: "The Rig" by Guru Tackle

"The Rig" offers 4 arms to make it legal in Ontario and many other regions.  
Cross Bay Outdoor would like to introduce the first product under the Guru Tackle brand, “The Rig”! Spreader (Umbrella) Rigs like the Alabama Rig have taken the fishing tackle industry by storm. Recent major tournament successes have hurled this relatively simple concept to the forefront.

“The Rig” has been designed to be legal in Ontario with 4 adjustable arms. When armed with swimbaits such as the X Zone Slammers & Fluke-type baits, this outfit closely resembles a school of baitfish swimming through the water! “The Rig” is available with 2 different arm lengths, 5 and 7 inches! “The Rig” comes into the market at the extremely attractive MSRP of $9.99!

Please contact Cross Bay Outdoor Sales Manager, David Chong for dealer pricing and availability date!
Contact Info: 416-993-3477

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