Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Super New Sufix Advance Revealed at the 2017 EFTTEX

First look at the Sufix line
Sufix Advance combines a number of characteristics that have never been brought together in one line. It is the first monofilament to incorporate HMPE molecules. The exciting new launch uses a Magnetic Extrusion Process developed by Sufix that draws HMPE molecules towards the surface of the line during extrusion. This blending creates an abrasion-resistant surface without sacrificing suppleness or low memory. When you combine these factors with Sufix’s precision winding system and the line’s slick surface, the result is an easy-to-handle line that will cast long and accurately. 

And it doesn’t end there. The HMPE molecules – the same material used in Dyneema fibres – reduce elongation of the line to the point where it has 50% less stretch than standard monofilament, translating to improved presentation, bite detection and hook setting.

Sufix Advance also offers superior knot strength, say its design team, who recorded 96% average strength during tests using a grinner/uni knot.  Combining HMPE molecules with hybrid copolymers is no small victory as they don’t naturally 

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