Tuesday, July 14, 2020

ICAST 2020: Growing Specific Techniques Rods Expands G. LOOMIS’ IMX-PRO BASS SERIES

Series grows to 74 Rods with new Swimbait, Bladed Jig, Ledge, Ned Rig, Lipless Crank models

The concept behind G. Loomis’ IMX-PRO series is to design a specific rod dialed in for every technique and situation that bass anglers encounter. Relying on nearly 30-years of manufacturing for what many consider some of the best fishing rods anywhere, along with the input and field-testing from leading tournament bass pros, G. Loomis adds to its IMX-PRO lineup 10 new rods with models to specifically use with swimbaits, bladed jig baits, Ned rigs, lipless crankbaits, and when working ledges.
Suggested retail: from $345 to $355
The new IMX-PRO bass rods include three extra-fast action swimbait models, the 862C SWBR 7’2” medium and 863C SWBR medium-heavy power casting rods, along with a ‘micro swimbait’ medium power 882S SWBR 7’4” spinning version for lighter ball-headed swim jigs. Bladed jigs are one of the hottest techniques these days for bass, and within the IMX-PRO series, G. Loomis offers the fast action 862C BJR 7’2” medium power and 883S BJR 7’4” medium-heavy power casting rods.

Ledge fishing at the right time of year can many times lead to personal bests, and G. Loomis is there to assist with the two IMX-PRO 7’7” casting rods. They include the 913C JWR in medium-heavy and 914C JWR heavy power to properly work hair jigs, football jigs and flutter spoons.

IMX-PRO Ned rig rods offered include two spinning models including the 831S FINR medium-light power 6’11” rod and the 882S FINR 7’4” medium power, both with extra-fast action.
To get the most out of lipless crankbaits, such as the Jackall TN 60 and 70, anglers can rely on the IMX-PRO 855C CBR - a 7’ rod medium-heavy power rod with fast action.

According to G. Loomis senior planning manager David Brinkerhoff, all 74 IMX-PRO rods “take advantage of our on-going improvements in both our manufacturing processes and materials. We rely on our proprietary Multi-Taper Design to reinforce potential stress points in the blank to create optimal action and powers, and use exclusive G. Loomis materials - a blend of resin and fibers to gain the ultimate strength to weight durability, a Fuji ‘K’ frame Alconite tangle-free guide train, and more fishing comfort from increased palm swell to the full cork grips.” Brinkerhoff notes the full cork grip design used provides enhanced fishing comfort, plus offers split-grip feel for bass anglers who look for that in a rod.

As with all G. Loomis rods, these new additions to  IMX-PRO bass series are handcrafted in Woodland, Washington USA. For more information on all 74 rods offered, stop by your nearest G. Loomis tackle shop, or visit www.gloomis.com where you can also buy them locally from your nearest authorized retailer.

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