Friday, July 17, 2020

ICAST 2020: Berkley Expands the Frittside Lineup: Junior and Biggun’

When Berkley® scientists collaborated with David Fritts to create the Berkley Frittsid they knew they had a lure that was scientifically proven to catch ass, but even they were surprised at how fast it cemented itself as one of the hottest crankbaits in bass fishing. In just a short period of time it has racked up a lengthy list of accomplishments including the 2019 MLF Redcrest win, a 2020 FLW Pro Circuit event win and a host of Top-10 finishes in both the 2019 and 2020 Bassmaster Classic. In response to this success and the considerable buzz around the bait, Berkley is now announcing an expanded offering of the size 5 Frittside with two new profiles, the Frittside Junior and the Frittside Biggun’.
“We were bombarded with requests for new sizes from professional and avid anglers, so we put our Berkley scientists back to work,” stated Jake Dawson, Marketing Director at Berkley. “We asked them to develop two new baits that would dive to five feet but would still have that Frittside action that works in everything from muddy to clear-water conditions. That’s not as easy as it sounds as it takes considerable testing in the lab and on the water to keep the unique action at different depths.”

Key Features:
• Tight, balsa-like thumping action for tough conditions made possible by the integrated FlashDisc, which improves tracking stability
• Casts well even on baitcasting equipment
• Equipped with ultra-sharp Fusion19 hooks

Flat-sided balsa crankbaits are known for their action, but these types of wooden baits are not as durable and the balsa material itself can be inconsistent from lure to lure leading to imperfections. Working with David Fritts, the Berkley scientists were able to bring together the action of a balsa bait with the durability, consistency and casting ability of a plastic bait with the Frittside lineup. Both the Frittside Junior and Biggun’ are ideal for sluggish and/or pressured fish. The Frittside Junior is ideal for clear-water conditions while the Frittside Biggun’ gives anglers the larger profile necessary for muddy conditions. Both feature the classic flat-sided profile that mimics a variety of species and creates the most flash of any Berkley crankbait. The integrated FlashDisc design delivers a balanced weighting and action that tracks more accurately at higher speeds. Versus balsa, the Frittside’s material construction makes it’s easier to cast for distance and accuracy — even on baitcasting gear — meaning anglers can cover more water with the baits and reach targets from a greater distance.
The Frittside Junior and Biggun’ are available in 18 colors ideal for bass fisheries across the nation and come equipped with ultra-sharp Fusion19™ hooks. Both the Junior and the Biggun’ have an MSRP of $8.99.
Berkley Frittside Junior and Biggun’: Specifications
Frittside Junior — 2 inches (length) x .9 inches (height)
Frittside Biggun’ — 2.82 inches (length) x 1.08 inches (height)
Dive Depth/Hook Size:
Frittside Junior — 2 to 5 feet/Size 5
Frittside Biggun’ — 2 to 5 feet/Size 7
Spicy Mustard • Blue Chartreuse • Firetiger • Cream Pie • Midnight Pearl • Kentucky Blue • Lone Ranger • Black Chartreuse • Spray Tan • Honey Shad • Sexy Back • Ghost Morning Dawn • Rubbertail • MF Bluegill • Candy Apple Red Craw • Spring Craw • Brown Craw • Special Red Craw
Frittside Junior — $8.99
Frittside Biggun’ — $8.99

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