Thursday, July 16, 2020

ICAST 2020: Jackall GARGLE Buzz/Spinner Bait

With bass-attracting sound from its blade and flexible wire construction design, the new Jackall Gargle is neither a true buzzbait nor spinnerbait, but an innovative new lure style that creates a definitive disturbance and bubble trail to create fish-catching topwater commotion.

Offered in six fish-attracting colors — Black Back Chartreuse, Chartreuse Back Pearl, Chartreuse Tail Gill, Hasu Silver, Killer White and Midnight Black, the Gargle weighs in at 3/8-ounces. Its flexible wire arm enhances casting distance to cover plenty of water and also contributes to increased hookup ratios. The free-swinging blade is modeled after a plopper-style tail.

The new lures retail for $9.99 (USD), and will be available at tackle shops in late August ‘20. For more information, check-in with your local shop, or visit

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