Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bassmaster Elite Power Pole Citrus Slam Day 1: Alton Jones Leads the Pack

Jones gets the Job Done on Day 1.

Power- Pole Citrus Slam

St. Johns River Palatka, Fla. March 17-20 
By Luigi De Rose

Lake George is a parking lot on Day 1.
(Photo: James Overstreet BASS)
Alton Jones sacks 26-09 to take the lead on the St. John's River. The second stop on the Bassmaster Elite tour had all the making of a slugfest. The water temp was consistent, a giant full moon and stable sunny weather had everyone imagining a 30 pound bags. Even with all the stars aligned, weights were below expectations. The problem? Too many anglers fighting to fish the same bedding bass. Many top pros complained of having too many competitors hovering over their secret spots.

When the bass get split up like that, everyone looses. Some lost the sight fishing battle very badly. In Florida, everyone expects to have high weights. Today, that was not the case.  Zell Roland and Stephan Browning are tied for 48 place with 10-01.  The top 50 advanced on Saturday and then the top 12 anglers advance to fish Sunday. With only ten pounds, an indicator of the very poor fishing, being the cut-off many might still be in the game.

Some did do well. Clark Reehm and Billy Mc Caghren each had one in the 10 pound class and Brent Chapman had two of them. Big bass honours when to Jason Williamson with a 10-03 giant. 

Many who didn't fare well are planning to abandon the sight fishing game while others are going for it no matter what. If the bedding bass get bothered too much they'll likely split; leaving the door wide open for anyone who can consistently bring a high teens bags over all four days.

1 Alton Jones 26- 9
2 Brent Chapman  25- 4
3 Todd Faircloth  23-10
4 Jason Williamson  22- 5
5 Timmy Horton  22- 4
6 John Crews  21- 3
7 Billy McCaghren  20-11
8 Clark Reehm  20-10
9 Jared Lintner  20- 9
9 Casey Ashley  20- 9
11 J Todd Tucker  20- 8
12 Keith Combs  19- 8
13 Ryan Said  18- 7
13 Dustin Wilks  18- 7
15 Paul Elias 18- 4
15 Bobby Lane  18- 4
17 Terry Scroggins  17- 3
17 Kevin VanDam 17- 3
19 Gary Klein  16-14
20 Edwin Evers 16- 8

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