Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FLW Tour on Lake Hartwell: Bryan Thrift's Favourite Rock!

I forgot a key piece of information that further details the determination needed to excel at Lake Hartwell.
Bryan Thrift, for four days cast to a single boulder. Sounds crazy but that is what he did and it worked. First, how confident or desperate are you to press your luck and entire tournament on one rock? That takes nerves of steel. He explained that the fish were coming off of it so why change. I'm sure he tried to broaden his fishing area, but something made him come back to that rock.
If you were betting man; would you take a wager that you could only fish one area on a lake? Hey, let's make it interesting, say we make it only one rock. No one would take a bet like that. But, Bryan made it work all the way to Sunday. It helped him keep his AOY title safe for another week and that is all that counts. 
When we look at tournament performances, it really is the on the water decisions and adjustments that allow anglers become super stars. Bryan makes it look easy. Maybe for him it is.

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