Friday, March 4, 2011

FLW Beaver Lake Day 1: The Cold Shoulder

FLW Tour Beaver Lake
3/3/11 - 3/6/11 -- Beaver Lake
Prairie Creek Park, Rogers, AR

Beaver Lake located in Arkansas has not been very welcoming. Anglers were greeted with cold, clear water and chilly weather. The winter has been long and harsh. Frost have blanked the south for months. All this frigid weather has hampered the catching on Beaver.

Normally a thrify lake, yesterday was particularlly difficult. Five fish limit, of any size were gold. Many strong competitors were lucky to get a few bites here and there. Many claimed never to have landed a keep throughout the entire practice period. Yikes!

Friend to, Spiro Agouros sits in 61 place in the co-angler side withe a skinny bass that weighed 1-13. Poor fishing might be the name of this game. 

It is not surprising that 7 of the top 14 pros are from Arkansas or Missouri. These guys know how to find deep, cold water bass. Along with them are a sprinkling of western anglers who have the skill and knowledge to extract deep bass. One of them might be able to last all four days.

Weather conditions were slick calm, and sunny. Ideal bed fishing conditions but the fish are not up yet in any numbers. Anglers were expecting to crank or jerkbait there way to success. They need a bit of wind and some cloud cover to extend this bite. Without it everyone who is expecting to capitalize on suspended pre-spawner might be barely scraping by. 

Day 2's weight-in will reveal a clearer picture of what is needed to do well in this tournament.

Stay Tuned!

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