Wednesday, March 23, 2011


By Luigi De Rose

Berkley's HAVOC baits have been a smash hit. Usually, bait launched in mid-season, meaning not introduced at ICAST, have mixed results. HAVOC baits are flying off the shelves.

For the first time in years, Berkley has launched baits based on profile and colours not scent. Scent, either Power Bait or Gulp is hugely influential in the development of scent in baits. Scent makes fish bite. Only problem is that the chemicals used limit the amount of colours that can be produced. Translucent, two-tone and many variations in hues simply cannot be done when large amounts of scent are part of the bait. HAVOC baits are focused on creating the best design in the best colours.

Berkley's HAVOC has been so successful that three new baits are being release. Not sure when they will hit stores. As of last Thursday, no samples were available in Canada. Not even the dealers had them. Getting a photo of them wasn't even available outside of the PDF file. So pardon the poor quality. I had to cut off the price list of each PDF file.

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