Sunday, March 27, 2011

FLW Tour on Lake Hartwell: Day 4 Predictions

For All the Chips
By Luigi De Rose

FLW Tour stop on Lake Hartwell has been a typical spring tournament. A battle of spawning fish. A battle of dirty vs. clear water. A battle of East vs. West anglers.  Day 4 is when it all counts. This is the last day to make it happen. Unfortunately, it might be out of everyone's hands. 

What's working
With so much rain on Day 3 it should have effected the fishing but good catches came from both stained and clearer areas. Sight fishing was a wash. Ish Monroe complained that the overcast conditions impaired his view along with the pollen floating on the water. His catch dropped and he didn't advance. Surprisingly, finesse worked well for West Coast super star Brent Ehrler as it did for Stacy King in his muddy, up- river coves. Power fisherman like tournament leader Jason Christie, Bryan Thirft in fifth and Joe Thomas in tenth, all did well cranking a range of baits. Others said the swimbait bite should have been better but the rain was a cold rain which hampered the fish's mood.

It rained like hell all of Day 3. Anglers were soaked. With more rain expected last night, the lake will continue to rise. This is concerning for all. The anglers in the upper reaches of the lake, especially the ones fishing coves with creeks in the back might be met with a wall of cold, muddy water. Even in the lower sections of the lake this is not a blessing. Tom Monsoor explained that the grass his fish are relating to is now underwater. During practice he could see the grass and cast to it. Now he is fishing from memory. Joe Thomas, while being interviewed by FLW outdoors stated that his dad told him two thing, "muddy water is OK and cold water is OK but cold muddy water is no good." If his dad's theory is correct many in the Top 10 are in for a world of trouble.

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