Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bassmaster Elite Sunshine Showdown: Shaw Shines is Florida

Shaw Grigsby a Super Star in Spring
By Luigi De Rose

Shaw always shines in Florida.
(Photo: James Overstreet BASS)
Ending a 10 year long drought on the Bassmaster Elite tour, Shaw Grigsby won the Sunshine Slam on the Harris Chain of Lakes in Florida this past weekend. To the untrained eye, it might seem that this veteran just got lucky or maybe used his long time knowledge of Harris to his advantage. Regardless, Shaw shines in Florida, especially in the spring. All nine of this victories have happened in the early spring/ late winter period. March is magic for him. Five of his wins have come in March. The other wins were also during this time period with two in January and another two in February. Looking at the stats, it is clear that this guy knows how to catch them as the water starts warming. 

Florida is a weird and demanding fishery especially during the spawning period which can happen anytime from December to April. Knowing how to adjust is the name of the game and Shaw has mastered it. Three of his wins occurred in Florida and five of his ten second place finished with BASS have also occurred in the Sunshine state. It's clear that Grigsby knows Florida bass. Even the tournament that launched his career, the $100 000, 1984 REDMAN All American was won in Florida.

Catching bedding bass is something he excels at. He started a climb to stardom by sight fishing Lake San Rayburn in east Texas and scored his first three (1988, 1990 and 1992) wins there. Sight fishing is an art and Shaw was amazing at it. He made Hobbies's yellow lenses sightmaster glasses a must have during the 1990s. He and a fellow Floridian designed the HP tube hook for Eagle Claw. A specialized hook designed to help catch bed fish. The hook, the glasses and the Lucky Strike tube were all hot sellers and all credited to Shaw's mastery of catching shallow bedding bass. 

Shaw has many good years left in him. Looking at the numbers, I will be putting my money on him the next time a tournament is held in Florida during March. Hey,  anyone want to bet who'll win on the St. John's?

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