Thursday, June 27, 2013

2013 CSFL Casey Cup Winners Joey Muszynski and Scott Mursion Winning Ways

by Luigi De Rose
Joey (right) and Scott landed one of the heaviest 5 bass limits
in Canadian tournaments.
(Photo: CSFL)
Anytime anglers reach greatest, we want to know about it. Here is a brief review of how Joey and Scott smashed the Casey Cup record with a 5 smallmouth bass limit of 29.55 lbs.

Great job! So, how do you catch 29 pounds of smallmouth?

The spring was behind and we targeted both spawning and pre spawn fish . We had beds marked out in different areas that we would catch but we also sight fished for cruisers that were coming up during the event.  

Explain your bait selection.

Most of the damage was done dropshotting and tubing with Jackall crosstail shads a prototype Set the Hook bait called the DSS80 and Set the Hook tubes. 

Was made the difference in you doing so well?

Powerpro Super slick 8 braid with sunline fluoro leader played a huge role also enabling us to make long accurate casts to avoid getting the boat too close and spooking fish in the clear shallow water.  

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