Friday, June 14, 2013

Jackall's Boil Trigger 100

Post Spawn bass are suckers for topwaters poppers. Plus, who doesn't love topwater fishing? So, if you're after a new popper or just appreciate good quality, then you need a few Jackall Boil Trigger 100s. Jackall is well known for its fine craftsmanship and this popper is no different. One truly unique feature is that this bait is jointed. Jointed lures have always shined but never really seen much play in topwater fishing. Expect easy popping action at slow and fast retrieves. The jointed body will provide sexy swimming action.
Photo features Baby Bass colour pattern.

  • length = 4"
  • weight  = 3/8oz.
  • hooks =  2 trebles, rear hook is feathered
  • colours  = 7 colour patterns
  • rattle chamber
  • exquisite paint job
Deeply cut mouth allows for pronounced popping action.

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