Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Fenwick Embarks on a New Journey with World Class Rod Series

Famed rod maker known for sensitivity embarks on a new journey with the inspired World Class series

Fenwick’s history is rich with innovation as the brand has spent decades building upon its previous learning and developing technique driven rods that deliver upon its famous sensitivity. That’s why the next chapter in their journey is so remarkable. Simply put – Fenwick has found a better way. Through many years of research and design work, the team at Fenwick has made the challenging decision to abandon its well-loved Fenwick rod designs for an entirely new, ground-up build of rods that deliver above and beyond what even the brand thought possible.  
By embracing technology and new development methods, and deep diving into areas of ergonomics, like physiology of the hand, Fenwick has completely redesigned its entire rod portfolio. The result is a collection of 264 highly crafted World Class, Elite, HMG, and Eagle rods that are undoubtedly the most sensitive, yet balanced rods Fenwick has ever offered.


The pinnacle of the collection, the World Class series, provides discerning anglers with 62 technique-specific rods to meet their specialized needs. Focusing on the importance of weight, balance, and sensitivity, World Class rods are crafted from ultra-premium materials combined with a blend of high modulus graphite and Fenwick’s proprietary reinforcing resin, providing perfect actions for each application. Designed for performance, Fenwick has skillfully crafted the lightest weight blank possible without disrupting sensitivity or responsiveness.

What makes the new World Class rods most special is how they feel in the hand.


Their unique design began by studying the human hand and what is required to deliver truly exceptional ergonomics. From there the Fenwick team studied rods, they studied anglers of all types, and they studied products like surgical tools where precision and ergonomics are critical to the job. These learnings were applied to a new form that acts as an extension of the angler's hand maximizing comfort, grip, and overall feel without any extra material to deaden

sensitivity. The structure of the handle consists of smooth transitions with an hourglass silhouette, which eliminates harsh edges and abrupt material changes that take away from the natural feel. A thoughtfully measured handle diameter fills the hand perfectly, optimizing leverage and action while the ergonomic grip offers soft surfaces and a seamless in-hand feeling that enhances the angler's ability to detect changes in structure, lure movement, and, most importantly, bites. The Fenwick designed reel seat fits the crux of the hand for a natural feel and elegant, yet minimal, finishes reduce the overall weight of the rod to maximize sensitivity.

"The craftsmanship and attention to detail in this rod are as high a standard as exists in the market. We selected the materials and designs that funneled to one singular goal - to make the most sensitive, lightweight, and thoughtful fishing rod possible,” Says Justin Poe, Rod Director for Fenwick. " In our quest to build anglers the greatest fishing rods made by human hands, everything about these new rods is purposeful. From the transparent paint and minimalist design that eliminated unnecessary weight to the rod, to the handle and reel seat materials that not only added sensitivity but mimicked the natural form of the human hand to maximize the optimal fishing techniques. There is nothing extra glued or wrapped onto these rods because that would take away from your ability to feel everything."


Key Handle Features:
• Smooth Parting Lines to Minimize Hand Confusion: Thoughtful part lines that extend further back so hand contact is done in one plane, resulting in the best sensitivity transfer
• Tailored Foregrip: Reduced length and added taper allow for a forward finger placement and better feel of action
• Contoured Rod Butt: Soft bulb with increased radii provides comfort when resting the rod butt against the angler's body and minimizes the chance of getting hung up on apparel
• Ergonomic Main Grip: Bulb shape fits the crux of the angler's hand for a custom natural feel
• Seamless Handle: Conforms to the angler's body for uninterrupted performance
• Maximum Blank Contact: Maximum blank exposure integrated into the main grip for better feel of sensitivity


Combining these rod features results in a tailored blend of ergonomic effectiveness and incredible sensitivity. With each rod model, anglers will recognize a rod that naturally extends from their arm and a handle design that consistently aligns their fingers with the rod blank to allow for continuous sensitivity and balance throughout their fishing experience.
"Drawing inspiration from the late 1980s, when Fenwick was a highly influential brand renowned for its exceptional bass and inshore rods, we established a reputation as the leading choice for anglers seeking technique-specific fishing rods." Says Marc Kempter, VP of Marketing Communications for Fenwick. "Looking ahead, we aim to use cutting-edge innovation that elevates our rods to the highest standard, focused on balance, sensitivity, and natural comfort. Commencing with the enhanced World Class series, we will concentrate on catering to the core market of freshwater and inshore fishing, providing them with rods where people will feel a noticeable difference in performance."

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