Friday, July 14, 2023

Minn Kota's Riptide Terrova and Riptide Instinct: Quest Technology

 Riptide Terrova and Riptide Instinct

With staple features anglers have continuously relied on, the updated motors are loaded with new features to make your time on the water more efficient and enjoyable. Drift mode, which acts as a GPS enabled drift sock, automatically adjusts speed and direction to combat currents and winds. It ensures that anglers maintain the desired speed and course, slowing down if the boat starts moving too fast or speeding up if the boat begins drifting too slow. Drift Mode Reverse even allows anglers to retrace their completed drifts, providing unmatched control and precision.

The updated “Follow the Contour” functionality integrates seamlessly with CoastMaster® mapping, allowing anglers to maintain their desired course effortlessly. By leveraging this feature, anglers can navigate with precision and optimize their fishing experience. Dodge Mode enables anglers to swiftly leave the auto navigation mode to manually steer through waves and around structures, all without resetting their route. This feature enhances navigational control, empowering anglers to navigate challenging waters with ease and confidence.

With nearly 90 years of experience, Minn Kota has built a reputation for dependability, reliability, and durability. The Riptide Instinct and Riptide Terrova trolling motors continue this legacy.

New Features for All Riptide Terrova and Riptide Instinct Models:

  • NEW Enhanced GPS Suite Including Drift Mode to allow anglers to spend more time fishing and less time on boat control 

    • Drift Mode: combats current and wind by automatically adjusting speed and direction to keep the boat on a true drift. Drift Mode acts as a gps drift sock eliminating the need for cumbersome ropes or shallow water anchor paddles

    • Improved Follow-the-Contour functionality: allows for better LakeMaster and CoastMaster integration to stay on the desired course. 

    • Dodge Mode: allows anglers to quickly leave auto navigation mode to manually steer through waves and around structures and then resume navigating without resetting their route.

  • Out of the Box connection to Humminbird via the One-Boat Network by including all necessary adapters required for networking without additional need for setup

  • One App for Everything – the One-Boat Network App can control everything on the boat from the trolling motor and shallow water anchors to the Humminbird head units

  • NEW Wireless Remote with a simplified keypad, ergonomic design, and four programmable One-Boat Network Buttons

Riptide Instinct QUEST
Redefining the angler's experience, this revolutionary hands-free saltwater motor eliminates the need for manual control, allowing anglers to focus solely on their

passion for catching fish. Built to withstand the harshest environments, the Riptide Instinct QUEST sets a new standard for convenience, performance, and efficiency. Plunging into depths of over 8 feet, Instinct allows anglers to use trolling motors on larger boats than ever, including those with limited access to the bow to carry out a manual stow and deploy process.

The Minn Kota Riptide Instinct QUEST is the only true hands-free saltwater motor, eliminating the angler frustration of constantly adjusting and manipulating their trolling motors, and revolutionizing the angling experience. With bulletproof Auto Stow/Deploy functionality, anglers can effortlessly enter and exit the water at the push of a button, no longer physically handling the motor. Adapting to changing conditions is even easier with the Power Trim feature. It enables anglers to adjust the motor's depth, ensuring optimal performance and navigation regardless of water depth or current.

Riptide Instinct QUEST Key Features:

  • Dual 24 or 36 volt Brushless Motor with up to 30% longer runtime and 50% greater torque*

    • Up to 30% longer runtime on a single charge provides anglers more time on the water

    • Up to 50% greater torque means more precise control in wind and waves and the ability 

  • Hands-Free Operation: Anglers can wave goodbye to manual control and enjoy a completely immersive fishing experience.

    • Auto Stow/Deploy: Effortlessly enter and exit the water with a single button press, eliminating the hassle of manually manipulating the motor.

    • Power Trim: Adapt to changing conditions effortlessly with the ability to adjust the motor's angle for optimal performance.

  • Redesigned and Upgraded Mount to accommodate the additional thrust and torque of the lower unit

  • Carbon Fiber Infused Shaft for enhanced durability while maintaining flexibility to protect the bow of an angler’s boat

  • Peak Performance and Efficiency from Updated Propellers which maximize torque throughout the speed range

  • Real-Time Battery Monitoring System lets anglers know time until empty at a given speed setting and prompts users to enter a power saving eco mode when batteries reach 20% charge

  • No Loss of Power: constant power throughout the day with no drop in motor performance as battery voltage decreases of the length of a fishing day

  • One-Boat Network Programmable Button: customized presets to include stow and deploy Minn Kota shallow water anchors, mark a waypoint, or engage autopilot

  • NEW Wireless Remote with a simplified keypad, ergonomic design, and four programmable One-Boat Network Buttons

  • Available in both White and Black models

  • Available Shaft Lengths: 60”, 72”, 87” and 100”

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