Monday, July 10, 2023


 Technique-Focused AlphaPoint® Hooks Deliver Premier Precision to Anglers Across Wide-Ranging Fisheries

Mustad’s heritage in the development of the highest quality fishing hooks is a testament to the Norwegian brand’s unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. From humble beginnings in 1877 making hooks by hand to becoming a global leader in hook design and manufacturing automation, Mustad’s legacy is built on a foundation of excellence. 

Anglers around the world rely on Mustad hooks for that all-important connection to the next bite.  Throughout the history of sportfishing, Mustad has made significant strides in the advancement of hook material—they pioneered the use of high-strength carbon steel, resulting in hooks that are remarkably strong, yet incredibly thin, without risk of them dulling or rolling over. Today, Nor-Tempered high-carbon alloy wire provides the ideal balance of metal hardness, rigidity and thinness to reduce flex, aiding in faster penetration, and helping get more fish to the boat than ever before. 

A foundation of premium technologies supports the innovations and design initiatives encompassing all-new AlphaPoint® 4.8 technology. Complementing the strengths of Mustad’s existing premium UltraPoint® 4.3 needlepoint with state-of-the-art, three-stage Opti-Angle sharpening, which is credited with numerous Bassmaster Classic victories and many IGFA World-Records, AlphaPoint® delivers an even sharper and slimmer hook point that is 4.8 times the wire diameter. The elongated and shallower point section allows for deeper and faster hooksets, converting the slightest pressure into efficient penetration. 

AlphaPoint® 4.8 is a revolutionary addition to Mustad’s legendary lineup of fresh and saltwater fishing hooks, showcasing their dedication to innovation and continuous improvement. Designed to meet the evolving needs of modern anglers, AlphaPoint® yields a chemically sharpened needlepoint that outperforms all others. 

Meticulously crafted to suit specific fishing conditions and diverse tackle demands, AlphaPoint® hooks will be offered in many styles and sizes. With a unique offset that maximizes efficiency for a high hookup-to-land ratio, the AlphaPoint® Assault Tactical Wide Gap 2X (38122AP-TX) hook covers a multitude of bait options and fishing styles. The design features a more distinct bend than your standard round bend offset hook, giving large and thick soft plastic baits the ability to collapse against the hook shank to promote better hooksets.

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