Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bassmaster Elite Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash Day 3

Half Day Report
By Luigi De Rose

Fishing on Lake Murray is changing and the leader board is getting a good shake in the process. Many who did well in the sunnier conditions yesterday are struggling in the cloud filled morning. This is a ranking of the best limits of Saturday around 1:40pm These are BASS's guesstimates so they're not official but they do offer some insight to whom is doing well.

1. Tommy Biffle 16-15 (In 2nd overall)
2. Edwin Evers, 16-8 (10th)
3. Bradley Roy, 15-0 (11th)
4. Matt Reed, 14-12 (13th
4. Russ Lane, 14-12 (16th)
6. Michael Iaconelli, 14-10 (3rd)
7. Kevin Wirth, 14-8 (5th)
8. Casey Ashley, 13-11 (1st)
9. Terry Butcher, 13-10 (19th)
10. Brian Snowden, 13-4 (3rd)

Surprising that Tommy Biffle is doing so well. Our post yesterday displayed a few rod rigged for schooling bass. I wonder if he is backing that up with a pitching bite. It seems that Biffle comes on strong in the post spawn period just like around this time last year.

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