Thursday, May 19, 2011


Berkley® NanoFil™
The Next Generation of Light Tackle Fishing Line

The world leader in fishing line development introduces a new spinning reel line that pushes the limits for minimum diameter and maximum strength. Berkley NanoFil, with its smooth texture and small diameter, allows anglers to effortlessly cast further with unsurpassed precision.

Walleye anglers will appreciate the markedly longer casts using NanoFil and finesse fishing for bass has never been finer.

Not a mono, Not a Braid. NanoFil is made out of gel-spun polyethylene, much like a superline. The line consists of hundreds of highest level of Dyneema nanofilaments that are molecularly linked and shaped into a unified filament fishing line. NanoFil feels and handles like the smoothest monofilament while delivering superline type strength.

“Lures cast farther and dive deeper with NanoFil than with any other line I have ever used,” said Berkley Pro and 2010 Walleye Tournament Champion Johnnie Candle. “NanoFil glides through the guides for super-long casts and is deadly accurate. The ultra-small diameter gives anglers confidence when presenting baits to big, finicky fish, but the strength per diameter that this line possess is unmatched by any other line. I knew with my first cast that I was using something different.”

NanoFil line lends itself to a wide variety of techniques, but it is most useful when anglers desire an ultra small diameter line for greater casting yet also need maximum sensitivity to feel the subtlest of bites. With NanoFil, anglers can enjoy the feel of light tackle action for a wide range of species, yet still detect even the softest pickups and land what is on the end of the line.
NanoFil is designed for ultra-light to medium action spinning tackle. Anglers may want to move down a reel size for increased sensitivity.

For best knot strength results use the NanoFil Knot, a “Double Palomar” that increases knot strength by over 15% that of the standard Palomar knot. For best results, use a monofilament backing or tape to arbor if tying direct to spool. For attaching leaders to NanoFil, a Double Albright knot is recommended.

Available in pound tests ranging from 1 to 12 pounds with super thin diameters of 0.001” to 0.008”, Berkley NanoFil is available in 150-, 300- and 1500-yard spools with an MSRP of $19.95 to $179.95 USD.

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