Friday, May 27, 2011

New Fishing Lines for 2011 Part 2


Another unique trend that was launched in 2009 but only now has caught on is coloured segmented line. Initially intended for trolling, metered line is becoming more excepted with anglers who cast. Trying to keep your jig 15 feet down over a school of walleye? Simply count off the coloured line segments to precisely fish that zone. Cabelas, Daiwa, Trilene, Sufix and Tuf-line offer a version of metered super lines. Even, ice fishing specific lines now come metered. A sure winner when targeting suspended fish this winter.

GORE has made a splash this year. More associated with clothing, it has many superior qualities ideal for line. According to Tom Mc Murray, Normark’s Marketing head guy,  “GORE fibres improve abrasion resistance, increase casting distance & accuracy and reduce line vibration. It is also impervious to chemical and UV light.” Sufix’s new 832 Advanced Superline which uses GORE in its weave won ICAST’s “Best Line” category for 2011. 

Spiderwire’s new Ultra Cast Fluoro Braid line has also adopted GORE. By adding high density Fluoropolmer, a GORE Fibre, permit it to sink quickly. Traditional braid usually floats. Making this line ideal for fishing weightless plastics, jigs, crank baiting and trolling.

Hollow core braid has finally sparked some excitement in 2011. Used in saltwater for years, it’s designed for threading leader line into it. Conventional line to line knots are troublesome. Chunky knots tangle within the spool, whack line guides and reduce casting distance. With micro guide fishing rods, the complications are even more horrific.

Simply insert the leader into the hollow braid with a needle and come out the sheath (the outer core) several centimetres down. Then, with a thin thread,  wrap over the end of the braid producing a pressure bond. Don’t worry about it failing; it won’t. Hollow core braid is currently offered by Power Pro, Toray and Western Filament (Tuf Lines).

PowerPro has taken take this idea one ingenious step further. Their Hollow Ace lines incorporate a “finger trap” system that secures the leader. Simply slip the line into the Hollow Ace, pull back to secure it and it locked in. Bob Mahoney of PowerPro states that many pro-staff haven’t had the knot fail using it this way but for the strongest knot use the wrapping thread.

Speciality splicing gear and needles will trickle into stores throughout the year. Tuf-Line, P-line and PowerPro all are offering something. 

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