Monday, May 16, 2011

Bassmaster Elite Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash Recap

Lake Murray's Secret Bait
By Luigi De Rose

Casey Ashley won the Bassmaster Elite Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash in grand style. Leap frogging dead locked Davy Hite and wildman Mike Iaconelli for the lead, Casey flashed his million dollar smile while hearing Dave Mercer, BASS MC, declare him the winner. Casey used a shaky head to win over a few larger bass on Day 4, but it was the fast and furious schooling fish that got him and most others into the Top 12.

Double Fluke rig gear. 
One semi-secret technique that rained supreme was a double Fluke rig. This rig involves two Zoom Fluke soft jerkbaits, each on a length of leader line tied to a three-way swivel or two barrel swivels. The goal is to create an illusion of two bait fish swimming. A swivel system is needed to connect the dropper rig and ensure tangles are kept to a minimum. 

The rig is tied with either mono or Fluorocarbon line in the 8lb to 15 lb test range and each soft plastic jerkbait is rigged Texposed with a large off-set worm hook. Hooks with a screw lock system are ideal for keeping the bait straight. Another trick is to use one weighed hook along with another unweighted hook. This added additional bulk for longer casts and helps keep the two baits from knotting with each other.   

A cool and very new addition to this system is a T-TURN Swivel by Thundermist Lure Company  It makes transforms this setup to near perfection. Designed for trolling, live bait rigs in rivers and saltwater, the T- Turn will not tangle. Tangles are a huge problem especially if you're trying to fire quick cast to an active school after landing a hot fish. No one wants to start unknotting two leaders. Give the double Fluke rig a try anywhere bass are schooling. Yes, pink is a hot colour especially in the northern states and Ontario.

Two unrigged hooks (Daiichi Butt Dragger and Mustad weighted Power Lock ) on two different leaders create wild soft jerkbait action.

Top is a pink Zoom fluke(ran out of white) bottom is a Mister Twister Exude Slug.

Rigging with a weighted Mustad Power Lock Plus. Mustad replaced the pin with a spring lock for 2011.

Thundermist's T-Turn swivel. A really cool 3-way rigging that will not tangle.

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