Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bassmaster Elite Evan Williams Bourbon Carolina Clash Day 4

Day 4 Morning Up-Date
By Luigi De Rose

Lake Murray is windy and the bass are biting. Ike, Snowden, Evers, Ashley and Hite have all be whacking them. Unofficially, the day's leader board looks like we will be in for a roller coaster ride at the weigh-in. Anglers fishing for schooling bass felt their whole day would unfold in the first few hours. By 10am the game might be over. Wind along with sunny skies might prolong the bite. So, if someone can nail a big bite after the schooling action dies, they really have a change to claim the win.

Check out the latest standings from BASSTrakk, all weights are unofficial. 

FishDay 4Total
1Michael Iaconelli516-0059-05
2Brian Snowden517-0458-05
3Casey Ashley510-0856-06
4Davy Hite514-0455-07
5Edwin Evers513-0052-12
6Tommy Biffle510-0452-04
7Fred Roumbanis59-1448-05
8Jami Fralik39-0448-05
9Chris Lane48-0047-00
10Jeff Conella12-0044-04
11Rick Clunn23-1343-06
12Kevin Wirth00-0042-01

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