Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Strike King's Prototype 10XD

Phil explains the difference between the
6XD (top lure) and newer 10 XD.
(Photo: FLW)

Phil Marks who just won the FLW Open on Lake San Rayburn in east Texas did so in wild fashion. The entire 4 day event was plagued with small limits and a flip flopping leader board. So, when Marks came to the scales on the final day with a 30 pound plus sack of bass, everyone wanted to know how he accomplished such a feat. Well, a 10"Strike King Rage worm helped but the big buzz is over the new 10 XD crankbait. This mag sized version of the famed Strike King line of cranks might be the next hot lure. Not sure how if it resembles the older the Mann's 30 Plus in size but it should be a great fit for places too deep for regular plugs. 

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