Friday, October 26, 2012

Competitive Sport Fishing League announced its release of the 2013 Tournament Schedule.

The CSFL released today its 2013 Tournament Schedule which includes guaranteed pay backs, increased pay outs, return of a previous division, the expansion of a new fall tour, an increase in the restricted horsepower tour along with guaranteed positions for the 2013 BM Classic XVII.

Andrew Pallotta, President of the Competitive Sports Fishing League states “I am extremely excited for the future of the CSFL. These positive changes will ensure more opportunities for our anglers and further growth for the CSFL while it continues to thrive to maintain a leading role here in Canada.”

CSFL will be guaranteeing a $5,000.00 first place at each Wildcard event regardless of field size. This will come in effect as early as this fall when the 2013 Southwestern Tour commences in Chippawa! With 5% less hold backs and a minimal increase in entry fee, the CSFL has made it possible to increase the Wildcard first place winning up to $10,000.00, a $5,000.00 increase!

The BM qualifiers will also see a 5% increase in payouts at no additional cost. With 100 boats competing BM anglers can expect to see $6,000.00 as first place.

BM Performance Pack backs have also been altered to a maximum of two Performance Paybacks per event - Performance Paybacks at unrestricted horsepower events will award 0-150 and 151 - 300 horsepower whereas the restricted horsepower events will award 0 - 75 and 76 - 150 horsepower in the amount of their entry fees.

Vita Pallotta went on to say, “It is said that it is harder to maintain a leading role than it is to grow one, and by consistently enhancing its goals the CSFL can provide a professional plateau for competitive anglers that will maintain a leading role in Canada.”

New for 2013, the BM SouthWestern Division which is made of events on Upper Niagara and Lake St. Clair. BM anglers will have an opportunity to qualify for the 2013 CSFL Classic XVII this fall. The CSFL is also proud to welcome back the BM Wildcard Division with guaranteed paybacks!

Victoria Pallotta added “It is said that it is impossible to make everyone happy. A statement with a challenge that only motivates our team to continue to over deliver innovative ideas increasing the CSFL profile in each division and expanding our sponsors market in Ontario.”

With the reintroduction of the BM 100 Division in 2012 and through the mutual agreement amongst its competitors, the CSFL is excited to announce the restricted horsepower rate has now been increased to a maximum of 150 horsepower. In addition to the existing two BM100 only events and the two BM100 crossover events, the CSFL has added a BM100 restricted horsepower Wildcard event. The location of this event will be announced at a later date.

An added feature for the 2013 season, win a qualifier and advance to the 2013 Classic XVII. Teams that are registered for a division and paid in full by September 21, 2012 for the 2013 BM SouthWestern Division and June 14, 2013 for all other BM Divisions will be eligible to automatically advance to the Classic XVII by winning 1st place in their respective BM Tour!

Registration for the 2013 CSFL season will open on Monday, August 27 at 8:00 am. Please note the CSFL will only retain Team of the Year positions. In keeping it fair for all competitors, multiple entries of the same tour received on the same day, start positions will be drawn at the end of each day for the 2013 season.

For further information please contact:

Andrew Pallotta
Cell 416-802-2277
Tel. 905-620-2277

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