Thursday, August 18, 2011

FLW EverStart Northern Lake Erie (Eastern portion): Pre-tournament info PART 2

By Luigi De Rose
WOW, just checked the list of pros fishing. So many Ontario guys who are amazing tournament anglers with a tremendous amount of local knowledge. This event will be a trick one to call. Here are a few to watch out for. (No particular order or ranking in their names)

Barry Pringle (strong angler but not much big tournament experience)
Bob Izumi (Izumi, what can you say. He just won and he is Izumi!)
Ernst Janzen (Super strong tournament angler)
Franklin Janzen (same)
Simon Frost ( a super heavy weight who really, really knows this water)
Derek Strub (very strong and I'm sure he did his homework here)

All are super strong. The Johnson Brothers will also be fishing. Not sure about how much time they spent here. They have a very heavy tournament schedule but both are lethal.

My American pick is a good one; John Murray from Arizona. I've met him a few times and he is a master at catching suspended bass. He did very well here in the past, I think a top 5, at the Bassmaster event Kota won. He is always in his element with clear water. Being an Elite angler is a huge plus.

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