Saturday, August 13, 2011

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 2: Where and How with What

By Luigi De Rose

Here is a look at what the top anglers are doing on Lake Ouachita, Arkansas at the 2011 Forrest L. Wood Cup Championship. The top FLW anglers seem to be on the same pattern. Finding areas, just off the bank, where schools of panfish (bream or bluegills) are cruising.

All Photos from Rob Newell and David A. Brown of FLW.

Shallow, mid-range flats; shoreline with a huge focus of rock; some timber and a bit of grass. The photos reveal a big drop in water level and this should have the bass more focused on what remaining cover is in the water. Many pros have indicated that the baitfish not the cover is most important.

Jason Christie works his banks to first place.

Randall Tharp is working the same sort of mid-cove stuff.

Same with Scott Martin.
 The Bait
Topwaters. The best seems to be prop baits, but expect some swimbaits, and other baits to work, especially if it rains like it might on Saturday.
Christie's bait.

A prop bait up close.

Lucas with is bait of choice.

Scott Martin is using a swimbait here.

Randall has another with a topwater. 

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