Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ICAST 2011 Molix's SuperNato and Vario Crankbait with Randy Howell and ibassin 1.m4v

ICAST 2011 in Vegas with Randy Howell, Bassmaster Elite Angler, as he explains two of Molix's lures: the Supernato and the Vario crankbait. This one is a bit late. Some how it didn't get up-loaded with the rest. Molix is an Italian company that has a whole range of cool and unique baits. Randy Howell explains the SuperNato hybrid crank and the new Vario crankbait.

One thing many might not know is that Randy Howell is one of the nicest guys a person can meet. I haven't shared a boat with him, but I met his last year and spend a few hours with him this year at ICAST. What a super nice guy. Really down to earth and he knows fishing.

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