Monday, August 15, 2011

Forrest Wood Cup 2011 Day 4: Scott Martin Wins it All!

By Luigi De Rose
First of all, sorry for being away from the computer. Family camping trip was fun but fell right over the Forrest L. Wood Cup.

Scott Martin win the
Forrest L. Wood Cup
(photos by Brent Carlson and Gary Mortenson FLW)
Scott Martin, son of Bassmaster Super Star, Roland Martin, wins the 2011 FLW Forrest L. Wood Cup. Sticking to his deep water tactics, he performed well enough to win his most covenant prize . Surprisingly, he keep his focus on the deeper water, anywhere from 12 to 20 feet of water and did well. Many famous off-shore anglers who should have done well and didn't missed something that Scott Martin didn't.

Focusing on schooling bass during overcast conditions, which occurred on the first and third day of the tournament, he later alternated with a big worm and drop shot worm. When the sunny skies cut through the haze, he focused on drop shotting to bass visible on the depth finder. On Sunday, the last day, he worked a big worm through the many brush piles he discovered by accident. During his victory interview with FLW Outdoors, Scott eluded to the fact that he didn't realize that many brushpiles existed around his main fishing spot. It was only after snagging his spinhead/swimbait rig time and time again, that he realized the cover was there. When the fishing conditions turned poor, Scott rigged a large worm and fished it through each of the brush piles. This last day moved propelled him to the winner circle.

Great job Scott!

Roland and MaryAnn Martin (two top anglers) with their son Scott and his wife.

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