Monday, August 8, 2011

New Changes to Power-Pole for 2012

By Luigi De Rose

The New 10 Footer.
The Power-Pole booth at ICAST was hopping and for good reasons. One, they're the hottest equipment for boating to come along in some time. A Power-Pole is a shallow water anchor/spear that plunges into the water and keeps the boat stationary. It works with a hydraulic pump. Touch a button, the arm extends outward and downward similar to a shovel of a backhoe excavator.

Show up at almost any high level tournament these days and gawk at the army of Power-Poles. The uses are endless. Usually, they're to keep the boat still and motionless while fishing up shallow or working a piece of cover. It eliminates constant repositioning with the trolling motor. One of the most useful uses is loading and unloading the boat by yourself. No more need to tie off and arrange the bumpers to avoid crashing into the dock. Lock the poles in will keep the boat in one place while you park your boat.

So what is new for next season? Lots! The first thing, is they launched a new 10 foot version. Its ideal for deeper water especially saltwater or any time your out in a bit deeper water. Remember, the pole must dig into the bottom a bit. So, if your in 4 feet of water with a muddy bottom, expect the pole to thrust another couple of feer into the mud.

Anotehr cool thing is the housing unit for the pump. Before, it was large, with came in parts. Now, the everything is in one housing. The people at Power-Pole realize that the mounting a Pole was taking up a lot of space and they needed to create a better product. So they did.

Pump housing

The last and coolest thing are the change to the remote. Many saltwater guys complained that the Pole would lower into the water too quickly, spooking shallow fish. Well, they created a remote that has three settings. Point the remote upwards, the poles decend quickly. Hold it horizontal and the speed is a medium setting. Point the remote downward, the poles decend ever so slowly. Now that is cool!

Power-Poles are ever so creative and useful.
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