Thursday, July 16, 2015

ICAST 2015: Minn Kota Announces Low-Profile Eight-Foot Talon

The new eight-foot Talon has a lower profile than ever before because of its innovative three-stage design.
Talon’s patented sequential deployment system is quick, quiet and now – because of the eight-foot model’s three-stage design – measures only 41 inches in height at the transom, shorter than the previous two-stage model by 16 inches.
Like 12-foot and 10-foot Talons which deploy in three stages, the new eight-foot Talon is virtually silent, provides multiple anchoring modes, and performs in extreme freshwater or saltwater conditions. Two waterproof, floating remotes come standard to give you push-button control from anywhere on the boat.
Talon Group ImageAnchoring in hard bottom isn’t the same as anchoring into mud. With Talon, you can choose between three user-selectable anchoring modes to ensure the right hold and fast, easy anchor retraction. Auto-Drive Mode powers the spike into the bottom with three increasingly aggressive hits. Soft Bottom Mode is for less aggressive anchoring – and easier anchor retraction – in water with a muddy or silted bottom. Rough Water Mode is for heavy wind and chop; this mode performs three consecutive Auto-Drive sequences at 10-second intervals for a triple-strength hold.
Talon carries a five-year limited warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the spike. The three-stage, eight-foot Talon will begin shipping in October 2015, with manufacturer’s suggested retail prices starting at $1,799.99. Color options include red, blue, black, white, silver/black, silver/white and Realtree® MAX-5® camo.

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