Monday, July 13, 2015

Top Bass Tournament Series features Reno Viola as Emcee

Top Bass Tournament Series, one of Central Ontario’s best run and attended Bass Tournament Trail has procured Reno Viola as Emcee for several of its Central Ontario events for the 2015 season.
“We already have some of the largest fields of Ontario’s top bass tournament anglers in our series and we felt that it was time to bring in the big guns as far as an on stage presence was concerned. Bass Tournaments are not just about weighing in bass, the spectators want to be entertained as well. Reno is no stranger to the Canadian Fishing audience, he is a Canadian Sportsfishing Hall of Fame inductee and has a 35 years of exposure and background in the Television and Radio fishing industry and we are happy to have him” stated Ted Gallone “If you have not seen one of Reno’s on stage performances you have not experienced a true professional at work”
Look for Reno on The Top Bass stage:
Rice Lake on July 18, 2015
Lake Scugog on August 8, 2015

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