Friday, July 17, 2015

ICAST 2015: Z-Man's HeroZ Jerkbait

“Z-Man’s new HeroZ are the most versatile saltwater jerkbaits I’ve ever fished,” states BigWater Adventures show host and Z-Man ambassador, Mark Davis. “They’re super durable, incredibly soft, and produce an undulating, darting action that’s limited only by the number of ways you choose to rig them. Whether fished on a jighead, rigged straight hooked, or nose hooked on a circle hook, HeroZ essentially arm me with three different baits. Better still, I’m constantly amazed when watching toothy fish after toothy fish chew on Z-Man’s ElaZtech baits, only to see them reeled in undamaged and ready for another cast!”

A full-bodied, eight-inch swimbait ideal for targeting larger salt- and freshwater gamefish, Mag SwimZ’ exclusive, curved paddle-tail design coupled with super-soft ElaZtech material provides an ultra-realistic swimming action and side-to-side wiggle on slow and fast retrieves alike. Just as impressive, their 10X Tough construction is able to withstand onslaughts from toothy predators like mackerel, barracuda, musky and pike. As with HeroZ, Mag SwimZ mate perfectly with 8/0 HeadlockZ HD jigheads, or can be rigged weedless thanks to a built-in hook slot.

“The new Z-Man Mag SwimZ are an example of the differentiating qualities, properties and advantages of ElaZtech,” comments Davis. “Their super long paddle-tail taper creates an action that can’t be duplicated by standard soft plastics. And, the bait actually swims rather than looking like it’s merely being pulled through the water,” he continues. “I’m confident the ‘fish list’ for this bait is going to be lengthy, as they’re likely to get eaten by anything I throw them at.”

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