Friday, July 17, 2015

ICAST 2015: Rapala® Custom HD Color Patterns

Introducing the Rapala Custom High Definition Color Patterns, the finest HD lure patterns on the market. Created in perfect detail, the Custom HD Finishes are the most life-like replicas of nature ever. They are featured in five classic Rapala lure styles-the Original Floater, Shad Rap, DT Series, the Scatter Rap Minnow and the Scatter Rap Shad. They are available in natural forage patterns such as Live Pumpkinseed, Live Bluegill, Live Largemouth Bass, Live Smallmouth Bass, Live Pike, Live Walleye, Live River Shad, Live Smelt and Live Rainbow Trout. All made of balsa, hand tuned and tank tested. Better than a custom paint job at no extra charge!

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