Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bass Master Classic 2011 Day 2: Holy Fog!

Bass Master Classic: Day 2: 9:00am Central Time
Saturday,  February 19, 2011
Louisiana Delta
New Orleans, La.

By Luigi De Rose

HUGE FOG DELAY!  Nothing is happening as the weather is still and foggy.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Where are you!?
Two strategies have come into play on the Delta. The Run, which translates into a 1 and half to 2 hour boat run down into areas such as Venice. These anglers have located good fishing down there but and this is a huge but, is time. Many are content with only having 2 hours of fishing the entire day because the fishing is so good. With the fog delay the clock is ticking and every tick eliminates possible fishing time.  How long of a delay will prevent anglers from driving that far? This is what is troubling everyone.

Staying close has its advantages. More time can be spent fishing. The mind set is to spend time fishing instead of driving. Fishing close is a smart way to up grade a daily limit.  More than one Classic has been won very close to the official launch ramp. The fog really is an advantage to the anglers who are fishing close. If anglers abandon the longer fishing locations, these closer fishing areas will become very crowded and prevent everyone from doing well. 


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