Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bass Master Classic 2011 Day 2: How our picks did on Day 2 Top Classic Picks: How are they fishing?
By Luigi De Rose

Another in the boat for Kevin.
Photo: James Overstreet (BASS)
Kevin Van Dam #1 Kevin Van Dam is leading! Well, that is not a surprise. Kevin is so amazing he is an easy pick. Very glad that I picked him as one of my top picks but he is so dominate he is almost too easy. Just the same, he is making a mess with his cranking rod. No real word about how is is catching them but I've seen many photographs with him hold a KVD cranking rod and even one photo with a small, shallow running crank. Looks very similar to a Lucky Craft's Rick Clunn 1.5 profile but it must be Strike King's KVD square bill crank. Regardless, this is his style of fishing.

Gary Klein # 7
Klein at Top Speed!
Photo: James Overstreet (BASS)
Gary is just amazing. Considering his age he is still a killer. On stage he said he would abandon his Venice fishing spot if the fog delay went past 10am. It was lifted at 9:45am and he rocketed down there. Today, Gary explained he only fished for 42 minutes and still caught 17 pounds even. That is amazing. What damage could he have done without the fog.

Ike # 17
He has been fishing well just not having the time to do it. He is also going very far south and trying his best. Too many things didn't fall into place. A limit of 13-01 on day 1 follow by 11-09 on day 2 is still strong in this crazy Classic.

Morizo Shimizo #22

Sharing a joke on stage.
Photo: James Overstreet (BASS)
 A strong showing for a guy fishing his first Classic. He was one of the first to land a limit today. He is fishing very small ditched and canals close to Shaw Grigsby. Still think he was a good long shot. Hopefully, on day 3 he nails 25 pounds. (Probably not likely but I hope he gets 15 pounds)

Kelly Jordan #37
Great start yesterday but got killed today. Only 2-15 today and I think he was late getting in. A strong fisherman who said he was going for it all today. That's what happens. Still a great pick.

Greg Hackney #42
Still not sure what happened. He explained to the crowd that he will never pre-fish a Classic way in advanced again. It ruined his mental game trying to refish old and dying spots. Again, another super fisherman who didn't get it right this week. Still think he was a super choice.

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