Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beating the Winter Blues Part 2: You Tube

What is a poor fisherman to do when the snow piles up? Looking for goofy stuff on You Tube is always time well wasted. Here are a few of my personal You Tube faves. They're all worth a laugh.

                                       Trigger Happy TV- Big Catch


                                                                                        Love this one!

Triumph Boats - Bubba Test

                                                           This is a great one!

                                                      Funny Fishing

                       Best Fishing Bloopers Funniest Home Videos part 330

This is just weird stuff. Love the pike one. At least one too many adult pops for that guy!

           Trophy Bass Leaping Attack on FROG Lure

                    This guys has some crazy big bass. You can just feel that fish coming.  

What is your favourite? Write me a comment or a link and I'll post it.

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