Saturday, February 5, 2011

FLW Lake Okeechokee Day 3: Predictions

Prough Still on Top but expect some change.
By Luigi De Rose

As luck would have it many of the Top 10 anglers are sharing water almost boat to boat.  Surprisingly, leader Prough and 2nd place angler Fred Roumbanis are within sight of each other. Their shared total is just under 130lbs of bass over two days. Both are targeting large female bass around spawning beds.

Brandon McMillan in third place is sharing his water with fifth place angler Randall Tharp. Neither is sight fishing but focusing their pitches to the heavy, matted vegetation. Flipping has not worked for most anglers this week, but these two are on the magic spot. If the weather turns miserable or the fishing pressure around them become too intensive except both to excel.

Scroggins shows off two brutes. Photos by Rob Newell.
  Trevor Fitzgerald, in 7th and Terry Scroggins who sits in 8th are closely working over another bass filled nook. Scroggins, in an interview with FLW outdoors, stated that Trevor, Glenn Browne (14th place) and him were all fishing the same spawning flat. He wished they not there and they probably wish he wasn't there either he joked.  All three have produced 20 plus pound limits each tournament day. The worry is if this spot can replenish with new spawners Saturday and Sunday. 

If spawning fish vanish, the entire day can be lost. Shinichi Fukae's catch dropped drastically on day 2. His limit was 13-06 pounds a far cry from a 29 pound bag the day before. Considering he brought in an 11 pounder the first day, one giant spawner can make all the difference. Time will only tell for the remaining 20 anglers on Saturday.

 After Saturday's weigh-in, the field will be cut and only the Top 10 advance to day 4. A cumulative weight determines the winner.

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