Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bass Master Classic 2011 Day 2: VAN DOMINATION

Bass Master Classic: Day 2
Kevin Van Dam Smashes 22-08 Sack to Take Command!
Saturday,  February 19, 2011
Louisiana Delta
New Orleans, La.
By Luigi De Rose

Day 2 Leader!
Photo: James Overstreet (BASS)

In true Van Dam fashion, Kevin dominates Day 2 with a remarkable catch of 22-08. Fishing boat to boat with three other anglers in the Lake Cat region of the Delta,  Kevin outdistanced himself from all other Classic competitors with a two day, 10 limit of 41-11.  "It was a real grind in the morning." explained Kevin but the afternoon warmth kick started the larger fish. In the afternoon, he was able to land two bigger bass to push his limit past the 20 pound mark.  
Van Dan has the opportunity to make history tomorrow if he wins. Not only will he tie the mystical mark of 4 Classic Titles set by Rick Clunn, he might be able to set the heaviest 5 fish limit (15 fish total) Classic of all time. The current record is 56-02 set by Luke Clausen on the Kissimmee Chain in Florida. If Kevin can maintain a 20 pound daily average he will easily over shoot this landmark. 
Chapman in second.
Photo: James Overstreet (BASS)
In second place, Brett Chapman made the long trek to Venice worth every  minute by collecting an impressive limit of 20-01. Considering he was only permitted to fish 1 hour and 10 minutes due to the lengthy fog delay. It is remarkable he is only 2-10 off the lead. Even more remarkable is the fact that Brett's boat is not equipped with radar. In true Classic sportsmanship, Gary Klein allowed Chapman to follow his lead through the fog down south. Without Gary's help he wouldn't have made it.   

Brandon Palaniuk
Photo: James Overstreet (BASS)

Yesterday's leader, Aaron Martens has hung onto third place even with a disappointing 12-11 limit.  Aaron,  Scott Rook who is currently in fifth with a two day total of 31-11 and Derek Remitz who is in sixth with 30-03, all fished alongside Van Dam. The location is hot but only Kevin and Remitz, who bagged 17-04 today have unlocked the secret of catching the larger ones on day 2.  
Fourth place is proudly held by Bradon Palaniuk, a Federation angler from Rathdrum, ID. He has amassed a solid two day total of 32-08. Being in the presence of super stars has not wavered this young gun. He too is fishing Cat Lake. If today's 17-14 creel is any indication of his skills, he should be rock solid tomorrow.  (It cannot be confirmed at this time if Brandon is overlapping Van Dam's spot or fishing along it's perimeter.)
Van Dam with Rook and Remitz.
Photo: James Overstreet (BASS)
Many are already considering this Classic Van Dam's to loose. Kevin is not one to blow any tournament but there are many factors to consider. Even Kevin was cautious during the post weigh-in interview when discussing tomorrow's fishing. Again, the questions arise if the honey hole in Cat Lake is drying up, especially with four of the top six all within casting distance of each other. Fishing and boating pressure will be at full tilt there. The weather is said to be breezy which could muddy the magic flat for everyone in Cat Lake. " I would like it flat calm, just like it was today." announced Kevin while talking with Zona and Sanders of ESPN. The wind might be powerful enough to erase any fog giving everyone a longer fishing day. If Brett Chapman is able to get several hours to fully utilize his area he might be a true threat. We'll have to wait and see.
Stay Tuned!

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