Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bass Master Classic 2011 Day 3: Interesting Facts

Bass Master Classic: Day 3
Sunday, February 20, 2011
Louisiana Delta
New Orleans, La.
By Luigi De Rose

Here are some interesting facts.

The Honey Hole
Lake Cataouatche, LA, United States (on goggle world) is the place to be. It is commonly refereed to as Lake Cat to avoid crazy Cajun pronunciations. Most of the top 10 are here and the Van Dam, Rook Martens gang is fishing what locals call the "Tank Pond." (it's not a direct link)

VanDam's 22-08 was the biggest bag of the day by 2 pounds and the largest of the tournament. Chapman and Dean Rojas were the only other pros to break the 20-pound barrier the second day.  This place is that good.

We have reports that Boyd Duckett has landed an 8 pounder along with another good one outside of the tire break wall near the Tank Pond. Giants live here.  

While fog was a critical factor the first two days, it hasn't been an issue today. Luckily, the weather broke and allowed the anglers to fish and try their best. Regardless of what happens today, the fog has become a factor in determining who will be Champ.

Spawning Bass
Spawning bass can be difficult to catch at the best of times. Sight fishing is an excellent method to nail them if the conditions are right. Fishing for spawners in a swamp can be a challenge. Bass bed on hard bottoms not mud but logs, docks, even junk like shopping carts can be good enough. Clear water is key. If you cannot see them then it is just fishing. Some areas are clear enough for seeing them. Dean Rojas, while being interviewed by, explained that his first two on day 2 were bed fish.

Spawning bass have a bad habit of mouthing the bait. Many have complained of bass coming unhooked. This in why most fishing the Tank Pond have switched to cranking. Spinnerbaits were great on day 1 but after loosing so many the last two days, anglers have switched to treble hook baits.

This tournament has so many unique aspects to it. With so many twists, whom ever wins this Classic will have worked for it. 

Stay Tuned!

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