Thursday, February 17, 2011

HAVOC Revealed at 2011 Bass Master Classic

Pros Have Full ControlBerkley Creates, Unleashes HAVOC: New Series
Thursday, February 17, 2011

Berkley Press Release

Photo: Berkley
The Devil Spear, designed by Mike Iaconelli.

Word leaked a week or two ago about a brand new line of Berkley soft-plastics called HAVOC. The project, from inception, was shrouded in secrecy. The pros involved were forbidden from even hinting about the new baits, the media knew nothing, and excitement ramped up as the Bassmaster Classic approached.

Today at Classic Media Day, Berkley finally released news about the exciting HAVOC line and here's the scoop.

HAVOC soft plastics are pro-designed for bass fishing and give anglers lifelike action with a wide-ranging lineup of colors.

HAVOC officially launches at the New Orleans Bassmaster Classic with four new baits. Additional baits will follow throughout the Bassmaster Elite Series season including new and innovative shapes as well as proven forms.
What seems to immediately set HAVOC apart is the control given to pros in the design process. Skeet Reese, Mike Iaconelli, Gary Klein and Bobby Lane spearheaded development of the four new shapes and were given absolute control over the final product. That's somewhat of a departure from traditional pro-manufacturer working relationships, where both parties often compromise on final design.
Berkley product manager Brad Danbom noted: "Berkley's worked extensively with our pro team to create shapes with actions that satisfy their rigorous standards. The great thing about HAVOC is no other baits out there are as unique and action-packed as these soft plastics."

All four of the HAVOC pros addressed the Classic media onstage today. Klein noted: "The HAVOC designs are phenomenal. Anytime you get a group of anglers like us turned loose, and you get us in a room, we'll come up with the best. I think we truly knocked it out of the park. And The Deuce without a doubt is the most versatile out of them all (laughs)."

Reese stated: "There's roughly 150 years of fishing experience standing on this stage right now that designed these new baits for the industry. Most of those years lie with Gary (laughs). But truly, I've done a lot of design work for the last 10 years and I can honestly say right now that the baits we're putting out on the market right now are truly designed to help the angler catch more fish."

The first introductory baits include the HAVOC 4" Devil Spear, 4" Craw Fatty, 3" The Deuce and 4" Pit Boss. Each bait will be available in 10 pro-selected colors for $3.49. More baits will be introduced throughout the year.
Here's the intel on each of the four new baits.

4" Devil Spear ・Designed By Mike Iaconelli
  • With a different action all its own, the 4" Devil Spear will catch fish off guard with its spear-shaped tail design. Most creature baits give anglers all the appendages one can handle, but with one spear the Devil Spear can displace more water than most soft plastics.

  • "I love this bait," said Iaconelli. "I can fish it many different ways, and the design's completely original. While I worked with Berkley on this design, it was clear that we needed to come up with something off-the-wall that was entirely functional on any bass-fishing technique. I wanted a bait that could be fished easily in heavy cover and have great action on the fall. We came up with a segmented tail to create a flapping or whipping action. The Devil Spear is tough, but retains all the action."

  • Introductory Colors: junebug, junebug/red-fleck, black/blue, sapphire-blue/black-fleck, red shad, watermelon/red-fleck, Alabama craw, green-pumpkin, green-pumpkin/blue-fleck, black.

    Photo: Berkley
    Craw Fatty

  • 4" Craw Fatty ・Designed By Bobby Lane
  • Features twin flapping legs that cause a tremendous amount of water disturbance, which fish can't stand, and is versatile enough to fish with any technique.

  • "The Craw Fatty has bigger ribs and a wider body to increase action and trigger more bites," noted Lane. "And the thinner design in the body will result in flawless hooksets. You can flip it, pitch it, punch it, rig on a jig, Texas-rig it or Carolina-rig it."

  • Introductory colors: watermelon-candy, green-pumpkin, green-pumpkin/red, black/red-fleck, black/blue-fleck, Okochobee craw, smoky green-pumpkin, black/blue/silver-fleck, and Louisiana bug.

    Photo: Berkley
    The Deuce

  • 3" The Deuce ・Designed By Gary Klein
  • Extremely functional with its twin-tail or flapping-leg design. Ideal on a wide variety of jighead shapes, The Deuce trailer moves through the water with extreme flapping action. On rocks, across points or in the thickest cover, this bait performs in all situations. The trailing edge of each twin-tail leg is reinforced for added strength and contributes to the baitē—“ action.

  • "What makes The Deuce different is its extended body cavity to accept a larger hook, and the overall action of the bait. It's flapping legs when it moves through the water even at the slowest speeds," Klein said. "The action and versatility of The Deuce truly makes this bait a special tool in my arsenal and it's available in my ten most favored colors."

  • Introductory colors: shady-watermelon-candy, watermelon-red, green-pumpkin-sumthin, green-pumpkin/green, green-pumpkin, watermelon-candy/red, green-pumpkin/blue, smoke-sparkle, smoke-sparkle/black-fleck, and cinnamon-purple/black-fleck.

    4" Pit Boss ・Designed By Skeet Reese
  • An innovative new twist on the creature bait. As tough as its name indicates, it can be fished in the harshest and most demanding fish habitat. The Pit Boss is the ideal flipping bait. Its uniquely ribbed body allows for greater hookup rates, and the multiple appendages stir up more water, giving fish a reason to come investigate. Designed to be fished Texas-rigged or as a trailer, it has a lifelike texture, four active tails and 10 introductory colors to match any water.

  • "I love fishing with a flippin・stick," Reese said. "I designed the Pit Boss to mimic baitfish as well as crayfish. It's the perfect size to match the most common forage sizes and has the best possible action to get bites in all conditions."

  • Introductory colors: black/blue, green-pumpkin, lime-purple passion, Okochobee craw, California, sapphire-blue, big texan, junebug, vampire orange and plum.
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