Sunday, April 8, 2012

The World Record Smallmouth Bass in Laurel River Lake Kentucky?

I got sent this interesting email about a story floating on Facebook. Not sure of its authenticity but cool if it really does exist.
Difficult to tell if this really is the new world record smallmouth.
Exciting to think it is swimming freely out there.
The World Record Smallmouth Bass in Laurel River Lake Kentucky
Kentucky Fish and Wildlife services has been kind enough to show us a photo of a world record smallmouth bass. This fish weighed over 12 pounds on a hand scale and was shocked up by fish and wildlife officers who were conducting a research study, according to the Tennessee Outdoorsman. The standing world record smallie was caught by David Hayes in 1955 on Dale Hollow Lake. It weighed 11 pounds 15 ounces. But targeting this monster is no easy task. Laurel River Lake in southern Kentucky spans 6,000 acres.

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