Thursday, April 19, 2012


BASSER Magazine is one of the most influential magazines in the world. It is Japan's largest pure bass fishing magazine. They have better FLW and BASSMASTER coverage than in BASSMASTER itself. I have been reading (looking at the pictures and making out the captions) for years. I knew about drop shotting about 5 years before it was released in America because it was written in this magazine. Well, about 2 weeks ago, my sister in-law sent me a package with four BASSER magazines. Awesome! Very few anglers get a chance to look through these sort of magazines and the detailed photography is so amazing sharp. The photos really illustrate the focus and details of each technique or story so well.

This article was on late winter bass fishing. It explained the transition from winter to very early pre-spawn patterns. Here is an example of the detail and lure layouts. Much different than North American mags.

The Big Bait Revolution

Kikomoto is one of the head designers for Evergreen International and Hiraiwa is owner of Gan Craft.
Both guys are designers and lovers of big baits. They sculpt the more realistic swimbaits on the planet. Each angler shares a love for fishing big baits. Big baits or nothing attitudes make for great fishing adventures. Both have had monster catches to prove what they believe. This was a great article. Actually, I am planning on meeting each of them for an article on this big bait revolution. Hopefully, an editor in the States will pick it up.

If you wish to see the interview I did with Kikomoto on his Evergreen Timber Flash at ICAST last year. Click on the link:

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