Friday, April 13, 2012


A few years ago at ICAST, the world largest fishing show, I met up with one of the editors of Bass World magazine out of Japan. This editor sends me a copy of the magazine each month. Bass world is an amazing magazine that hightlights the scene in Japan so well. This month was a double issue. (They really know how to do it right).

Well, to my huge surprise, the package included a 2012 Bass Gear Catalogue of everything related to bass fishing for the year. I mean everything. Rods, reels, nets, line, soft plastic, hard baits, spinnerbaits, etc,. etc. Anything produced for bass in Japan is in here. Totally awesome.

Here is a few photos to wet your whistle.

It lists every crankbait style by company. The assortment is mind blowing.

Same with soft plastics. It offers a write up on every configuration. Totally a must have for guys into Japanese baits.

It even had a few pages on rigging and innovations specific to techniques and presentation.


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