Saturday, July 2, 2011

Go Fish ... It's Canada's National Fishing Week!

Fishing is an integral part Canada’s heritage. Across the country we have the National Fishing Week program and in this province we have Ontario’s Family Fishing Week.  Both are a full nine days in 2011 – and it all starts tomorrow July 2nd and runs until July 10th.  During this time, Canadian residents do not require a licence to fish in Ontario.   Many choose to try the sport and introduce their kids to it, during organized fishing events close to home. There will be numerous kids fishing events across the province and seven Urban Fishing Festivals in the GTA during the July 9, 10 weekend.

These events could not achieve their goal to get more kids hooked on fishing, if it were not for the many volunteers who help make it happen. Of the volunteer groups, Ontario’s Bassmaster clubs always lend their support and work alongside others to supply rods and reels, untangle lines, serve hot dogs and help people learn how to fish.... All this at no cost to the families who come out ... “It’s a pretty remarkable deal,”  says Herb Quan, president of the Aurora Bassmasters who has helped at the Fairy Lake Urban Fishing Festival in Newmarket every year for more than 15 years.

To promote the National Fishing Week, Sun Media newspapers across the country will have a special “National Fishing Week” insert within their popular Sunday newspapers on July 3rd. For many years, award winning outdoor writer Wil Wegman has contributed to this section with various articles geared to promoting the sport and trying to help people catch more fish. In 2011, two new articles Wil wrote hope to do just that ... One called the Future of Fishing looks at ways to help more kids become avid anglers and the other on Fishing A New Lake offers advice from Canada’s premier fishing guru and TV personality Bob Izumi and 10 top tips that Wil put together to help you figure out how to catch more fish this summer in the new lakes you plan to fish. An advanced copy of the National Fishing Week section ... all 16 pages of it jam packed with great fishing articles, can be found courtesy of the Edmonton Sun at this link:   For Ontarians however who wish to obtain some more local information ... like where their closest Urban Fishing Festival may be, they can either buy a Sun newspaper on July 3rd or check out the section online when it becomes available.

Wherever you may fish, please consider introducing someone to the sport you love!

Happy Canada Day Everyone and tight lines this summer.

For more fishing related information, feel free to check out Wil’s website below. Attached more details about Ontario’s Family Fishing Week program.

          Wil Wegman
     "Focus On Fishing"

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