Thursday, July 14, 2011

ICAST 2011 DAY 2: Wow Again!

Super busy. As a fishing and tournament fan this place is like crack. So many people are floating around but the super pros have a swarm around them. Last night having dinner with the Thunder Mist Lure company brothers, I sat beside Zell Rowland and Tommy Biffle. Really cool.

Pure fishing won so many awards last night. I shot a lot of video with them on line, lures, Abu reels, and some Sebile lures.

Ike was around again and displayed a new way to rig his Havoc Devil Spear. Wait till you see the in-water tank demo. So deadly!

Just shot video with Brent Ehrler at the Lucky Craft booth. Looks great and Lucky Craft has some super new sizes for swimbaits.

Shin Fukae displayed new Gami stuff and if you like senkos, drop shotting or wacky rigging you'll love their stuff.

Rapala has a lot of new colours and Terminator redesigned their jig and spinnerbait line with a lot of off the hook colours.

TV star and legend, Larry Dahlberg showed me some wacky rigging for big muskies and walleye trolling using your POWER POLE. They have a new 10 foot model and changed all their hardware so rigging is much easier.

Shot some good video with Quantum reels. They have a new EXO reel and Smoke spinning reel that is really sexy.

Shot a video with Western star Chris Ricci. Cool baits.

Got to go and get a drink. This place being so hot will suck the life out of you without you noticing.


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