Saturday, July 16, 2011

ICAST 2011 DAY 3: It's done but not over!

It's over but still not over. I'm speaking to Bernard Yong-Set, he's the one who designed the VMC Spin Shot and the Zero Twist Shot. The Spin Shot won the best new terminal tackle at ICAST and he is happy as punch. Its so funny, after three days of non-stop talking, we're still chatting about fishing. Bernard is on a role as I write.

Another strange thing about Vegas is the people you see. I'm sitting in the airport, 10 minutes ago and I just opened the lap top and this guy ask me to move over. As I look up, its Ish Monroe a Bassmaster Elite tournament angler. His phone was dying and he was looking for an outlet to charge up. Funny thing is that if I wanted to talk to him in a normal situation, I would have to attend a sports show or visit a Bassmaster tournament. When ICAST is on, there are celebrity anglers, company people and media everywhere.

It's 12:19pm eastern time, 9:13pm Vegas time, and I need some food. Only problem is that I am so tired I don't feel like eating and most of us have had so much meat. Steak three times in a row for me baby and it's finally taken its toll.

I have no energy to up-load anything.  So take care, good night if its time for you to go to bed and stay tuned. Videos, photos and strange stories from ICAST will be funnelling down.

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