Wednesday, July 13, 2011


HOLY COW! This place is so busy. Enjoying a cool drink at the Mustang booth right now. So many pros, so many products. Been shooting a lot of video and thousands of photos. Its still going on. Sorry no photos yet but yesterday I enjoyed a nice 22.5 hour day.

Really cool how many top Tv, media, pros, etc. are just beside you when you turn around. Had a great time with Jim and Al Linder. Shot some cool stuff with IKE and other top pros.

A lot of neat drop shot baits out there for 2012. Jackall has some super realistic baits. Photos will be coming.

Owner is now launching the Jika Rig but they change the name to Jig rig. They offer it in lead and tungsten. Funny, to see how my article might have helped promote the launch of a new product. They said that its getting a lot of attention.

Anyways, got to go and get more free food.

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