Monday, July 11, 2011


Flying out tomorrow to Vegas and it looks busy! Tuesday night has the new products showcase for the media and buyers. This is a section that people can get the very first glace at the new products in fishing. Really, really cool stuff.

Meeting up with Chris from Pure Fishing and Ray one of the main editor of Ontario OUT OF DOORS, for dinner and then getting ready for the show on Wednesday. Last year, I was shocked to see the place boiling at 8am. Really, it was so busy and the mix of people is so interesting. I bumped into one of my favourite Western anglers, John Murray and beside him were another 20 pro anglers and media people. I didn't even get in the door and I was pumped with the vibe.

What to expect? Well, a bit of everything. I have to meet companies for future articles coming out in Ontario OUT OF DOORS and other magazines. Last year, I picked up BASSMASTER and hopefully a few other magazines this year. So, that will keep me busy. I have a lot of meeting with the biggest companies such as: Rapala, Shimano, Loomis, Abu, Pure Fishing, Minn Kota, Team Diawa, Quantum, etc.. I'm really looking forward to seeing what is new from them.

I'm also looking forward to seeing what is new from Japan.  A few of the biggest companies are at the show and it should be so amazing. I have a meeting with Toshifumi Kikumoto of EverGreen International. He is a super cool cat along with being one of the best lure and rod designers ever to walk the planet. My Japanese is limited and I think his English is poor but who cares.

Another cool gang I will be chatting with is Molix. An Italian company I met with last year and will be having a few glasses of wine with. Luckily my Italian is much stronger than my Japanese. They are starting to sell in North America so you should look out for them.

I'm not planning on flooding my youtube site with countless videos when I come back. Expect some interesting and non-typical videos. I will be doing the junket videos about products so you'll not miss anything but expect to see a variety. You'll  have to wait and see that will come in the future. 

Take care and keep tuned in.

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